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FAQs for Kentucky College Application Campaign

Who should I contact for more information?2023-09-13T16:02:07-04:00

Please contact Keith Ritchie at KHEAA at (502) 759-0798 or if you have any questions or need additional information. You may also reach out to your KHEAA Outreach Counselor. If you do not know who your outreach counselor is, click here.

What if my school missed the May 31st registration deadline?2020-04-08T12:16:41-04:00

KHEAA welcomes schools to continue to register to participate in the Kentucky College Application Campaign after the May 31st deadline. However, schools that register after the deadline are not guaranteed to receive promotional materials. After the deadline, any remaining promotional materials will be distributed to schools on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies are exhausted. Any school that registers online will still have access to the free online resources and will receive program news and updates.

Why does my school need to register by the end of May?2020-04-08T12:16:23-04:00

As primary sponsor of the Kentucky College Application Campaign, KHEAA is pleased to provide each school that registers by the deadline a small selection of promotional materials. The May registration deadline allows for enough time to order and distribute materials to participating schools before events begin in the fall.

What are the typical responsibilities of a site coordinator?2020-04-08T12:16:07-04:00

Every school’s college application event will look different. There is no right or wrong way to host a Kentucky College Application Campaign event, but there are some minimum expectations to being a host site. Some of the responsibilities of the site coordinator may include:

  • Working with teachers or other school personnel to ensure students complete the appropriate activities prior to the event such as researching colleges, gathering necessary demographic data for applications, writing admission essays, gathering letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Reserving the appropriate location where the event will be held (typically a computer lab or media center)
  • Ensuring an appropriate number of working, internet-ready computers and printers will be available during the event
  • Developing a schedule for the day(s) of the event to ensure all students will have the opportunity to participate and that sufficient volunteers will be available for the duration of the event
  • Identifying volunteers to help make your event a success
  • Gathering data during the event (typically number of students participating and number of applications completed) and sharing that data with KHEAA upon event completion
What is a Kentucky College Application Campaign Site Coordinator?2020-04-08T12:15:52-04:00

In order to participate in the Kentucky College Application Campaign, a school must register its event and identify a site coordinator. The site coordinator serves as the primary organizer of all activities at that school and will be the primary contact person for any news, information or updates sent by KHEAA. Schools and organizations can register for the Kentucky College Application Campaign and identify their site coordinator by visiting our registration page.

How do I register my school or organization for the Kentucky College Application Campaign?2020-04-08T12:15:38-04:00

You can register your school or program by visiting our registration page.

Is there any cost for my school or organization to participate in the Kentucky College Application Campaign?2020-04-08T12:15:21-04:00

There is NO cost to participate. This program is designed to be a no-cost event that any school or organization can easily implement. KHEAA provides some promotional and other informational materials to schools at no charge. In past years promotional materials have included student folders, promotional posters, and “I applied” stickers.

Who sponsors the Kentucky College Application Campaign?2020-04-08T12:15:06-04:00

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) is the primary sponsor of the Kentucky College Application Campaign. In addition to the resources provided on this website, KHEAA also provides promotional materials to participating schools and has outreach counselors available on a first-come, first-served basis to help schools implement the program.

When does the Kentucky College Application Campaign take place?2020-04-08T12:14:53-04:00

There is not a designated week or month during which schools must host a program. The goal of the Kentucky College Application Campaign is to make the resources available and allow schools and organizations the flexibility to host a program when it works best for them. Most schools choose to have a college application program in the fall of senior year. In past years, the month of November has been declared National College Application Month.

What is the Kentucky College Application Campaign?2020-04-08T12:14:33-04:00

The Kentucky College Application Campaign is part of the American College Application Campaign initiative, which focuses on providing graduating high school seniors the opportunity to receive assistance and support in filling out college admission applications. For many students, particularly those who do not have an immediate family member who attended college, applying to college can seem overwhelming. For those students, not having someone who can help them navigate the college application process can be enough to prevent them from pursuing a postsecondary education. By implementing a College Application Campaign program, we can ensure that all seniors have the opportunity to receive hands–on assistance as they take the first big step towards continuing their education following high school.

Kentucky piloted the program under the name College Application Week in November 2011 with 13 pilot schools across the state. During the 2015 program, over 180 high schools across the state conducted a college application event, and more than 20,000 students participated in activities.

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