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#FAFSAFebruary Social Media Toolkit


Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a crucial step in the college access process and is one of the best tools to illustrate for students the affordability of college. FAFSA completion rates are down in Kentucky and across the nation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we need to continue to promote the importance of filing the FAFSA as soon as possible.

Purpose of this Toolkit

The resources in this toolkit are designed to involve partner organizations and advocates in promoting the importance of submitting the FAFSA, and help drive engagement and action among their respective audiences via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How Can I Help?
  • Copy and paste the suggested social media graphics and text provided below, or develop your own customized posts to share out the content.
  • Add the #KYGoestoCollege hashtags to your social media posts, and engage via your personal or organizational accounts.
  • Follow @KHEAA on Facebook and Twitter and @kheaaoutreach on Instagram and share the content on those pages; be sure to use the hashtags and feel free to add your own as well.
  • Look below for links you can share and other ways to get involved, like joining Twitter chats and other live social media content hosted by KHEAA.
  • Host live content on your organizational social media accounts related to FAFSA completion. KHEAA Outreach staff is available for interviews, presentations or joint live events.
  • Share additional social media content provided by Federal Student Aid. Don’t forget to use the hashtags!

Use these hashtags on your social media posts. You can also tag @KHEAA and other partner organizations to further the reach of your posts.

#KYGoestoCollege, #FAFSA, #FinancialAidMonth, #moneyforcollege #FAFSAFriday

Social Media Graphics
Sample Tweets and Posts

NOTE: Instagram does not support hyperlinks in captions. You must add the link into your Bio (Click “Edit Profile” to add a website URL). Then, direct your followers to the link by adding “Click the link in my bio for more information!” to your caption.

Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the primary way to get financial aid to pay for college. Don’t delay, complete your FAFSA today at! #KYGoestoCollege

Financial aid isn’t just for 4-year colleges. If you are interested in a short-term program or 2-year degree, there’s financial aid for that too! Find out what you qualify for today by completing your FAFSA at #KYGoestoCollege

Not sure how to get started on the FAFSA? KHEAA Outreach Counselors are ready to walk you through the process and answer your questions. Check out to find the counselor assigned to your county and schedule an appointment! #KYGoestoCollege

Completing the FAFSA helps you to keep your options open! Even if you don’t know what your plans are, completing the FAFSA puts you one step closer to pursuing your college dreams. Check out @KHEAA’s FAFSA Completion Guide to help you get started. #KYGoestoCollege

Have you completed your FAFSA yet? There’s lots of financial aid still up for grabs! Don’t miss out, go to today to get started. #KYGoestoCollege

We’re busting a FAFSA myth today! Did you know that filing the FAFSA DOES NOT mean you have to borrow student loans? It’s also the application for grants which don’t have to be paid back. File your FAFSA today at to see what you can get! #KYGoestoCollege

We’re busting a FAFSA myth today! Avoiding the FAFSA because you don’t think you qualify for anything? The truth is you have an 85% chance of receiving some form of financial aid to help pay for college. Get started at! #KYGoestoCollege

We’re busting a FAFSA myth today! Filing your FAFSA doesn’t take hours and it isn’t that hard. Most FAFSAs can be completed in 30 minutes or less at! Check out @KHEAA’s FAFSA Completion Guide to help you get started. #KYGoestoCollege

High school seniors, as graduation approaches, don’t leave any opportunity on the table! File your FAFSA today at to see what financial aid you can get to help pay for college. #KYGoestoCollege

Claim your piece of the MILLIONS of dollars available in financial aid for college. Don’t put it off any longer, complete your FAFSA today! Need help? Visit to find the outreach counselor assigned to your county and schedule an appointment. #KYGoestoCollege

Links and Additional Resources Registration for public webinars is on the home page of this site.

FAFSA Completion Guide

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Anyone can text OUTREACH to 800-928-8926 for reminders and updates. Subscribers can text in with questions and receive a personalized response from a KHEAA outreach counselor.


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