#KYBetterFAFSA Social Media Toolkit


The 2024-25 FAFSA is changing, and communicating these changes to students and parents is crucial for a successful year of FAFSA completions in Kentucky. Join us in promoting the KY Better FAFSA Better Future campaign.

Purpose of this Toolkit

The resources in this toolkit are designed to involve partner organizations and advocates in #KYBetterFAFSA and help drive engagement and action among their respective audiences via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter(X) and Instagram.

How Can I Help?

  • Copy and paste the suggested social media graphics and text provided below, or develop your own customized posts to share out the content.
  • Add the suggested hashtags to your social media posts, and engage via your personal or organizational accounts.
  • Follow @KHEAA on Facebook and Twitter and @kheaaoutreach and @myKHEAA on Instagram and share the content on those pages; be sure to use the hashtags and feel free to add your own as well.
  • Look below for links you can share and other ways to get involved, like joining Twitter chats and other live social media content hosted by KHEAA.
  • Host live content on your organizational social media accounts related to FAFSA completion. KHEAA’s Outreach leadership team and Outreach staff are available for interviews, presentations or joint live events.
  • Share additional social media content provided by Federal Student Aid. Don’t forget to use the hashtags!


Use these hashtags on your social media posts. You can also tag @KHEAA and other partner organizations to further the reach of your posts. #KYBetterFAFSA, #KYGoestoCollege, #FAFSA, #BetterFAFSABetterFuture, #moneyforcollege, #FAFSAFriday

Sample Tweets and Posts

NOTE: Instagram does not support hyperlinks in captions. You must add the link into your Bio (Click “Edit Profile” to add a website URL). Then, direct your followers to the link by adding “Click the link in bio for more information!” to your caption.

October-December (Pre-FAFSA posts)

This year, focus on your admissions applications and FSA ID account creation in the fall, and wait to file your FAFSA until January 2024. You have the entire fall semester to get ready, then spring semester to get money! #KYBetterFAFSA #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture

Many types of financial aid depend on having a complete FAFSA on file. If you’re planning on attending college in the 2024-25 school year, complete the 2024-25 FAFSA in January. @KHEAA Outreach Counselors are available to help you find ways to pay for college! #KYBetterFAFSA #KYGoesToCollege #FAFSA

An FSA ID is required to complete a FAFSA online. It can take up to two weeks to verify your FSA ID. Save yourself some hassle— register or retrieve your FSA ID now at studentaid.gov! #KyGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

Ready. Set. ….. Almost ready to go! The FAFSA opens in December! Check out the 2024-2025 FAFSA Completion Guide from KHEAA to ensure you have all your financial information ready! #KYGoesToCollege #KYBetterFAFSA #BetterFAFSABetterFuture

Are you up on the new lingo? Check out some financial aid terms you’ll see on the FAFSA moving forward! #KyGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA


The 2024-25 FAFSA is easier than ever! The FAFSA’s Direct Data Exchange automatically links income and tax information from the IRS to a student’s FAFSA. Is your FSA ID already created and verified? If so, you’re ready for the FAFSA experience! #KyGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

New Year, New FAFSA! The FAFSA is open just in time for the New Year! Make sure to set a resolution to file yours as early as possible! #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

Confused on where to get started on the FAFSA? Reach out to your KHEAA outreach counselor for assistance! They can help you with FAFSA questions, and you can also get information about local workshops scheduled in your area! #KyGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

Start 2024 off right by filing your FAFSA! The earlier you file, the more time you have to get your financial aid processed! #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA


The FAFSA has fewer questions and takes less time to file than ever before! Have you gotten started yet? #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

Does bad weather have you stuck indoors? Why not file your FAFSA? Get cozy and get your financial aid! #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

Wondering what you need to file your FAFSA? KHEAA has you covered! Check out the 2024-2025 FAFSA Completion Guide to find out EXACTLY what you need to file your FAFSA successfully! #KYGoesToCollege #BetterFAFSABetterFuture #KYBetterFAFSA

More students than ever before are eligible for financial aid opportunities through the FAFSA. What are you waiting for?! File yours now at studentaid.gov! #KYGoesToCollege #moneyforcollege #KYBetterFAFSA

Social Media Graphics

Links and Additional Resources




FAFSA Completion Guide

KHEAA Outreach Counselors Contact Page

KHEAA’s social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

KHEAA’s Live Streaming, Real Time Social Media Sessions and Webinar Schedule

Federal Student Aid Counselor Toolkit

Texting Service

Anyone can text OUTREACH to 1-800-928-8926 for reminders and updates. Subscribers can text in with questions and receive a personalized response from a KHEAA outreach counselor.


Casi Benedict- Director of Outreach Services at KHEAA



Keith Ritchie- Assistant Director of Outreach Services at KHEAA