College Entrance Requirements

Below is a general idea of what each type of college requires to be admitted. Your college may have slightly different admission requirements than what is listed below, so be sure to check with each school you plan to apply to for specific criteria.

Admission Requirements for First-Year Students

Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) Kentucky 4-Year Public Universities Kentucky 4-Year Independent College and Universities
High School Diploma or GED Required Required Required
Minimum High School GPA Check with institution Check with institution
English  4 credits   4 credits   4 credits
Math  3 credits*   3 credits*   3 credits*
Science  3 credits   3 credits   3 credits
Social Studies  3 credits   3 credits   3 credits
Health  1/2 credit   1/2 credit   1/2 credit
Physical Education  1/2 credit   1/2 credit   1/2 credit
History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts  1 credit   1 credit   1 credit
Foreign Language 2 credits 2 credits
Electives 7 credits 5 credits (3 rigorous) 5 credist (3 rigorous)
ACT Required (or other exam such as COMPASS) Required Required by most
Personal Essay  May be required May be required
Letter(s) of Recommendation May be required

*Students must take a math class all four years of high school. The fourth math can be counted as elective.