Every school’s college application event will look different. There is no right or wrong way to host a Kentucky College Application Campaign event, but there are some minimum expectations to being a host site. Some of the responsibilities of the site coordinator may include:

  • Working with teachers or other school personnel to ensure students complete the appropriate activities prior to the event such as researching colleges, gathering necessary demographic data for applications, writing admission essays, gathering letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Reserving the appropriate location where the event will be held (typically a computer lab or media center)
  • Ensuring an appropriate number of working, internet-ready computers and printers will be available during the event
  • Developing a schedule for the day(s) of the event to ensure all students will have the opportunity to participate and that sufficient volunteers will be available for the duration of the event
  • Identifying volunteers to help make your event a success
  • Gathering data during the event (typically number of students participating and number of applications completed) and sharing that data with KHEAA upon event completion